Real Construction Deluxe Tool Workshop

Fun and safe, the Real Construction Deluxe Workshop allows kids to design and build their own toys. The set includes all the kid-friendly plastic tools, nails, and other materials a beginning carpenter needs to create a helicopter, race car, or other object. Designed to mimic the look of real wood, the foam construction material allows children to get creative without the mess. This construction set includes eight project ideas meant to challenge kids six and older.

A great way to strengthen problem-solving skills and nurture creativity, this Deluxe Workshop lets your child come up with their own designs and figure out ways to build them. This set includes enough nails, screws, foam, and other building material for at least two projects (depending on the complexity) before needing to order a refill (sold separately).

For those in need of inspiration, the Real Construction Guide Book comes with basic drawings for six projects. These projects do not include measurements or step-by-step instructions, so children will likely benefit from adult guidance at the beginning. For those looking for detailed instructions, a number of how-to guides can be found on the Real Construction Toys Web site.

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